Standalone/QBCore script for taking screenshots through the use of customized cameras and a few cool animations.

For now QBCore HUD is disabled server-wide when taking screenshots, as soon as the HUD may be hidden with out disabling the useful resource, will repair this downside

Newest code for the script: Github


  • Very customizable, to the point where you can make photoshoot studios anywhere
  • Put cameras anywhere
  • Screenshots uploaded straight to Imgur
  • Links saved in MySQL database

Requirements (QBCore already includes these)


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Add this script to your server.cfg file → guarantee hiype-photoshoot


Find the camera blip on the map and enter the elevator.


Once there, go up the elevator and press E to start a photoshoot.


From there you can change between cameras that you have set up in config.lua file and take a screenshot without any hud elements in the way.

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