A ticket system to assist gamers simply. Gamers can create tickets and employees can declare them to simply help gamers.

:speech_balloon: | Discord Logs | The script logs all ticket claims and edits to trace your employees exercise.
:bug: | Bug-free | The script is examined to make sure the very best quality.
:shield: | Exploit Protected | A modder proof system that auto bans modders.
:computer: | Optimized | Gamers – [ 0.1 ] Workers – [ 0.2 ] | When the menu is getting used [ 0.7 ].
:x: | Standalone | Can be utilized with any framework.
:memo: | Absolutely Customizable | A config that permits you to customise every part together with including a ban operate and a bunch operate.
:face_with_monocle: | No IP lock / Encryption | You may edit something you desire to.





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