A strategy to work together with all of the entities on FiveM. Efficiency value is basically low (0.0ms idle – 0.06ms operating). The script enable a bunch of choices that may enhance the sport expertise of gamers. Its an standalone useful resource.


  • Generic options for all vehicles and ped.
  • Really optimized.
  • Ability to check whatever you want on each option.
  • Support for vehicle bones.
  • UI list updated at every moment.




Github (source code)
Github (release version)


The ui has been built with React and packaged with Vite. The library used for icons is React-icons (Materials Design). The shopper, shared and server recordsdata are served with Lua as a result of its the usual on FiveM.


If you download the release version you simply have to drop the recordsdata in your assets folder and ensure you make sure the useful resource.

guarantee work together

If you wish to modify the ui of the script, that you must create a manufacturing construct, simply navigate to ui folder and run the next command after your modifications:

npm run construct


Its really easy to add new targets to interact:

local newTargets = {

addNewTarget(newTargets, {
    options = { -- You can add as many as you want
            label="Option 1", -- The name will show on the ui list
            icon = 'MdLanguage', -- The icon will show on the ui list (https://react-icons.github.io/react-icons/icons?name=md)
            event="script:dowhatever", -- The client event that will be triggered when the user select the option
            bone="wheel_rr" -- (Optional) Only works with vehicles. Render the option if you are pointing the bone.
            label="Option 2", 
            icon = 'MdLanguage', 
    distance = 5.0, -- The max distance will show the options when pointing
    enable = function(entity) -- Render the options if the function return true, really useful to check whatever you want.
        return true

If you have the debug enabled, on every entity that could be targeted you will see a option to save target, this will generate the above code on targets_interact.txt, you could find the txt file on your server-data folder.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.



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