This script provides 2 new gadgets – suicide tablet and pretend suicide tablet

Suicide tablet

  • You need to use it to kill your self due to this fact commit suicide
  • You may configure the entire facets of the assets

Faux suicide tablet

  • Means that you can pretend your individual suicide – After utilizing the tablet you’ll lay on the bottom unconscious till the timer expires (Which you’ll change within the config – every part might be modified)


Suicide tablet

Faux suicide tablet

  • After utilizing revive command you may be revived


GITHUB – for extra info and obtain

  1. Obtain the latest model from github
  2. Put it within the assets/[standalone]/
  3. Add this stuff to your qbcore shared/gadgets.lua

  4. ['suicidepill'] = { ['name'] = 'suicidepill', ['label'] = 'Suicide tablet', ['weight'] = 25, ['type'] = 'merchandise', ['image'] = 'YOURPNGHERE.png', ['unique'] = true, ['useable'] = true, ['shouldClose'] = true, ['combinable'] = nil, ['description'] = 'When life hits the underside :c' },

    ['fakesuicidepill'] = { ['name'] = 'fakesuicidepill', ['label'] = 'Faux suicide tablet', ['weight'] = 25, ['type'] = 'merchandise', ['image'] = 'YOURPNGHERE.png', ['unique'] = true, ['useable'] = true, ['shouldClose'] = true, ['combinable'] = nil, ['description'] = 'A tablet that might enable you escape a ugly state of affairs' },

  5. Configure the useful resource in config.lua
  6. You’re finished :)

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