Config = {
    esx_getSharedObject="esx:getSharedObject", -- for safety causes you possibly can customise the esx:getSharedObject occasion title. Consideration if you happen to change it, make sure you've als change it in es_extended
    useQbCore = false, -- if you're utilizing ESX, change this worth to false. In case you are utilizing QBCore, set worth to true
    esxEventNames = { -- used esx occasions can right here renamed, if you happen to use for instance a anti cheat software
        setJob = 'esx:setJob',
        playerLoaded = 'esx:playerLoaded',
        addGroupCommand = 'es:addGroupCommand',
    enabledKeysWhenAnimation = { -- The animation occurs when participant begins to take loot from one theft place https://docs.fivem.web/docs/game-references/controls/
        --38, -- E
        23, -- F
        1, --mouse controls
        2, --mouse controls
        3, --mouse controls
        4, --mouse controls
        5, --mouse controls
        6, --mouse controls
        7, --mouse controls

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