Place signs around the world to get your message out!


What is this?

TextSigns allows you and/or your players to place signs around the world that can be used to display text, as if the text was supposed to be on the sign itself. This can be useful for things such as giving cafe owners the ability to attract attention to their shops by placing signs outside with phrases such as “Bean Machine Cafe – Open Now”.

As another user pointed out below – If you’re looking for a free script to simply add scenes/messages to your server, feel free to check out dpScenes – World Scenes/Notes and assist different FiveM creators!


This mod requires nothing but a standard FiveM server. You can pop the script in, set the values in the config that make you happy, and carry on with TextSigns. However, without using database integration, player’s signs will be lost if they disconnect or the server/script is restarted. With the optional QBCore integration, you can give your players permission to create signs based on their job or gang. You can give everyone the permission to use it, or you can use an allowlist, and more.

This resource supports QBCore. If you want players to be able to place a sign outside their business, you can add their job role to the config file. If you want gangs to be able to post threatening signs or trespassing notices, you can add their gang to the config file as well.

While the script doesn’t directly support these scripts, the Framework check that checks for job restriction has been separated out into a non-escrow file. If you know a bit of programming, you can easily add your own framework’s checks. This essentially makes the plugin adaptable to any framework to add job restriction and more.

Persistence / Database Support
You don’t need QBCore if you want the textsigns to be permanent. Simply set Config.database = true and watch as your textsigns appear when you restart the server or the script. Signs will save to the database upon being created or updated, stored with the player’s Social Club license ID, and be there again even after a server/script restart until it’s deleted. Special care was taken to ensure that player data (such as their license ID) stays server-sided and is not broadcast with TextSign synchronizations.

So why not just make custom models that display text and such? Why use a cola sign?

Too many servers already add hundreds of custom cars, interiors and models. I did not see a reason to create another resource that added more custom content to a server. With this resource, players can simply toss it in and move on. The cola sign was the model I used to build the resource, and just left it since I allow you to change the model in the config file.

Can’t players troll other people’s signs?

Nope! Tested and working with a player from my RP server. Only admins can modify or delete other player’s signs. Place your sign and be happy knowing it’ll stay that way until you (or an admin) change it.

Do I have to use QBCore to make the sign last permanently?

Nope. If you don’t use QBCore, just use any MySQL resource that uses the global MySQL and you’re good to go. My resource automatically assumes you’re using OxMySQL, but as long as the global MySQL variable is available, this should work just fine without QBCore.

Will there be updates? Are they free or do I have to buy new versions?

There will most certainly be updates, as we use this plugin on our own RP server. All updates will be free, unless the plugin is so massively changed that it warrants a brand new release. Whenever a critical bug is fixed or several minor bugs are fixed, a new version will be uploaded in the place of the old one.

Code accessible No – Except Config/Triggers/Events
FiveM Escrow Yes
Subscription based No – Free Updates for Life
Lines (approximately) 1,200 Private
Requirements None
Optional Support For database: QBCore or OxMySQL
Support Yes

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