Hey FiveM players! Welcome to our review of FiveM headsets for GTA roleplay! We’ll give you some recommendations of headsets for your PC to play GTA RP. First of all: When buying, pay attention to the brand, ratings and feel. First, you should find out if the brand you want to buy the headset from has a good reputation (e.g. Logitech, Razer) and how the model you are interested in has been rated around the web. For this, you can rely on reviews on Amazon, for example. It’s best to read more closely how the headset performs when worn for longer periods of time: whether it hurts or becomes uncomfortable. After all, roleplaying situations can involve longer sessions, some play all evening, and especially if you plan to play a lot, the headset should feel good.

These FiveM headsets are REALLY GOOD!

We have prepared a good selection of FiveM headsets and sorted them by budget (from high to low). Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Razer Headset

++ High-End: Razer BlackShark V2 Pro ++

If you have the money left, this is the best option for you

This headset has it all: It is wireless, has integrated noise reduction and a good sound. Ambient noise can be perceived very clearly here. The headset is wireless, but has no difficulties in terms of delays (latencies). The headset’s drivers are excellent and the sound can even be adjusted via Razer’s drivers (equalizer function). The microphone is detachable and suppresses distracting noise from behind and from the sides, which can be a big advantage in RP when you are not alone in the room. Thanks to the headset’s special ear cups, it is also well shielded externally: Disturbing noises that would be audible indoors, for example, are virtually not heard at all with this headset. The headphones are also comfortable to wear and do not hurt (even after several hours of roleplay). However, this depends on the individual case. At about 120 Euros, this headset is our high budget choice. Razer delivers good quality here.

Advantages: wireless, comfortable to wear, clear sound (mic and headphones), clean workmanship

Price: approx. 120 $

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++ High Budget: Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED ++

Good solution for roleplayers

The Logitech G733 headset is an expensive, but also very good headset. The Logitech brand convinces with quality here as well. It is also wireless and has a range of 20 meters, which is good for console gamers. However, since Roleplay is mainly played on the PC, it is not of great importance for us. However, a battery life of up to 29 hours is excellent. The memory foam ear cushions are very lightweight and comfortable. Those who like RGB will also love this headset: With over 16.8 million colors, the Logitech software can make your headset more beautiful, but for us that doesn’t matter much here. The microphone is detachable and the sound quality is also excellent, as with the Razer before.

Advantages: also wireless (up to 20m range), comfortable to wear due to foam padding, great sound (mic and headphones), high-quality workmanship (Logitech quality)

Price: approx. 100 $

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Logitech G733
Logitech Headset

++ Middle Budget: Logitech G PRO X Gaming-Headset, Over-Ear ++

The G Pro X gaming headset is 30 Euros cheaper than the G733, but it does not have RGB and has an extremely high-quality design. This headset from Logitech also has a high-quality build and a top rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon. This is not a wireless headset, the cable is 2 meters long. The headset is circumaural and isolates noise from the outside world. Many eSports players use this headset and are satisfied. The ear pads here are also made of memory foam synthetic leather and velour.

Advantages: long cable (2 meters), comfortable to wear due to memory foam, super sound (mic and headphones), high-quality workmanship (Logitech quality)

Price: about 70$

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++ Low Budget (but good): Logitech G432 ++

This headset is a bestseller from Logitech. And for a very specific reason: The price-performance ratio is unbeatable! The quality of the headset is impeccable and you get a very solid headset for just under 40 €. Note that the headset is wired and is a USB headset. It offers a mute switch, a volume control, and a good feel. While the feel is not nearly as good as the headsets above, it can hold up well in this price range and is convincing. The headset can also be connected and used via 3.5mm blade.

Advantages: long cable (2 meters), good wearing comfort, acceptable sound (microphone and headphones), good workmanship (Logitech quality)

Price: about 40 $

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Logitech Headset G432


As mentioned above, it all depends on the brand. Brands like Logitech and Razer are more expensive, but offer excellent quality. At the end of the day, however, it’s a question of personal preference: Which brand do you want, what should the headset look like, does it absolutely have to be wireless, etc.?

Again, there is no “better.” Do you want the freedom to move your head the way you want? Does the cable bother you? Then use a wireless headset. If you prefer a headset that you don’t have to charge, use one with a cable.

Buy your favorite headset

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