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Good day everybody

I’m right here to introduce you essentially the most superior lock system for doorways that ever made !

please verify the video first

straightforward to setup

you may set lock on any door you need equivalent to single doorways, double doorways and even gates in beneath 20 seconds for every door !

kind of locks

you may set 2 kind of locks equivalent to regular and electrical lock

the simplest and latest means

you don’t must endure anymore for creating lock on doorways in a tough means equivalent to discovering the door hash, coordinates, heading, placing them on config.lua and different stuffs, you simply do a couple of straightforward steps and it takes solely 20 seconds and even much less !

have a look at the pics

simply aiming on the door and all the pieces is able to setup !

on the closing step you may select your choices for the door :

choices :

  • setting the licensed jobs for the door

  • door kind (whether it is gate or not)

  • pin code (making digital lock system for the door that requires code to get open)

  • you may select the door is unlockable or not (if not no person can lockpick or hack it)

  • set the door locked already or let or not it’s open

  • dimension of the icon and textual content on the door

  • distance for opening and shutting the door

working with database

you may add or delete locks with out restarting the script as a result of it really works dynamically and shops in database as an alternative of the previous means like utilizing config.lua for establishing the doorways

breaking the doorways

the doorways may be break by lockpicking and hacking

there are 3 kind of doorways :

  1. regular doorways (may be lockpicked)

  2. digital doorways which have a pin code (may be hacked)

  3. electrical doorways equivalent to gates (may be hacked)

alarm system

when a participant begins to hack a door alarm will set off to the job you could have set for safety that by default is police

options :

  • straightforward to setup for any kind of door beneath 20 seconds !

  • straightforward to delete the lock on the door you could have set in 5 seconds !

  • you could have lots choices for lock system that you’re making for the door

  • doorways may be break by lockpick and hacking (is dependent upon the door kind)

  • you may set pin code for particular doorways

  • you may set the door turns into unbreakable (can’t be hacked or lockpicked)

  • you set lockpick timer and likelihood of success

  • you may set the alarm for hacking the doorways and the job that’s will get the alarm

  • optimized no less than 0.05 – 0.10 ms lower than regular esx doorlock

  • doorways will retailer in database as an alternative of config.lua that requires restarting the script

  • each setup and delete may be accomplished in actual time and dynamically with out restarting the script

  • consists of tutorial movies

necessities :

additionally particular thanks and credit score to zr0iq the developer of the mhacking script as a result of I used the mhacking for hacking system so it helped my script to grow to be extra real looking

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