Create your owns interiors for any automobiles in GTA :slight_smile:

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Options :

  • Permit whitelist Admin to hyperlink an Inside for any automobiles
  • 2 Methods to enter in Inside ( by Seat , or by Exterior Marker )
  • All is configurable with NUI
  • Gamers in Interiors are instanced
  • Admin can change Marker Mannequin and Shade in config
  • You’ll be able to work together on all marker on the bottom with “E”
  • Appropriate with Oxmysql ,ghmattimysql and mysql
  • The script is standalone
  • 0.03 ms – 0.06 in use ( Marker use greater than seat enter )
  • Ambulance Inside is supplied


  • Whitelist admin( configure in Shared.lua ) : sort /vehint
  • Click on Add Automobile → Get the Veh Mannequin , choose seat or marker , you’ll be able to stop and depart the automobile to get place Inside. The shape is save
  • ( observe for Offset Marker : Constructive X = Proper , Unfavourable X = Left , Constructive Y = Entrance , Unfavourable Y = Again)
  • Time earlier than teleport is principally for Seat Enter ( To permit time to get into the automobile and shut the door)
  • Click on Legitimate


  • Begin your mapping earlier than beginning this script


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Strains (roughly) 500
Necessities /
Help Sure

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