a Device if you wish to generate URLS of Picture for all of your Autos together with Addons.

Car Picture Creator – FIVEM

  • Routinely Generate a Picture for All of your Vanilla GTA Autos or Customized Addon Autos
  • begin screenshot-basic
  • begin vImageCreator
  • Setup a Webhook in config (that is the place the photographs can be saved)
  • Select Car desk ( in instance we use automobiles desk from Mysql )
  • you'll be able to put any automobile desk identify so long as there's a mannequin column as a reputation string not hashkey
  • Upon restarting the script or beginning it’s good to kind the /getperms command
  • Permission is configurable through config utilizing your identifiers
  • When permission is allowed you need to use the next command:
  • /startscreenshot (iterate all of your automobile and begin producing photos) (this will likely take some time this may screenshot your automobile one after the other)
  • /resetscreenshot (reset the index quantity to 1) (vital if you wish to begin over once more)
  • Saving logic makes use of Json Saveresourcefil or useful resource KVP
Config = {}
Config.DiscordWebHook = 'INSERT WEBHOOK'
Config.save="json" -- kvp, json
Config.vehicle_table="automobiles" -- automobile desk will need to have mannequin column (identify not hash)
Config.useSQLvehicle = true -- use mysql async to fetch automobile desk else SqlVehicleTable will use
Config.SqlVehicleTable = QBCore and QBCore.Shared and QBCore.Shared.Autos and QBCore.Shared.Autos or {} -- instance qbcore shared automobile

-- Customized Class
Config.Class = 'all' -- choose a customized class | set this to 'all' if you wish to Screenshot all automobile classes

-- Permission
Config.homeowners = {
    ['license:df845523fc29c5159ece2179359f22a741c2a2ca9a'] = true,
    --add extra right here
  • this file already include 740 vanilla automobile photos
  • what its left is simply so that you can generate all of your customized addon automobiles
  • You should utilize the World State Variable or you need to use the Exports
# Exports
native hash = tostring(GetHashKey('nissanskyline'))
native img = exports.vImageCreator:GetModelImage(hash )
-- return
-- url of picture or the default picture if this mannequin just isn't but proccessed
native hash = tostring(GetHashKey('nissanskyline'))
native img = GlobalState.VehicleImages[hash]
-- url of picture or the default picture if mannequin just isn't but proccessed
  • /getperms to get a permission to make use of the comply with command:
  • /startscreenshot to start out or cease producing
  • /resetscreenshot to reset the picture technology
  • there’s solely 30 seconds earlier than you’ll be able to kind /getperms after that it’s good to restart the script once more
  • Customized automobile have to proccessed utilizing /startscreenshot
  • Customized Car should be included in automobiles desk from config
  • to reset or begin over proccessing once more /resetscreenshot

Any Script which have a automobile in NUI

  • Assets Utilizing This Plugin:

Storage with Car Thumbnails

Vehicleshop with Vehicle Thumbnails

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