• for automobile lovers, automobile neighborhood Fivem Metropolis. (4 script launch at one)
  • renzu_stancer
  • renzu_engine
  • renzu_turbo
  • renzu_nitro
  • Merchandise based mostly Automobile Elements (turbo,nitro,stancerkit,engines)
  • Absolutely Server Sync and Optimized
  • Fivem Stancer – Automobile Adjustable Wheel Offsets, Rotatin and Suspension Peak
  • Merchandise Supported (Set up Stancer Equipment)
  • A number of Framework (QBCORE, ESX, Standalone)
  • Adjustable Wheel Offsets and Rotation ( Stancer )
  • Adjustable Automobile Suspension Peak
  • Absolutely Server Sync (One Sync and Infinity solely)
  • Optimized System (Close by Automobiles are solely looped in shopper)
  • Information is Saved to Database (Connected to Plate)
  • One Sync State Bag system to keep away from callbacks and triggerevents for knowledge sharing from shopper to server.
  • NUI Primarily based and Person Pleasant Interface.
  • Set up:
  • Drag renzu_stancer to your useful resource folder and begin at server.cfg
  • Import stancer.sql
  • guarantee renzu_stancer
  • use merchandise inside automobile
  • /giveitem 1 stancerkit 1
  • /stancer or F5 (keybind Default)
  • Server Exports
  • Add Stancer Equipment to Present Automobile
  • Shopper Exports (to make use of this, AddStancerKit() exports have to be used first or the automobile will need to have a put in stancer package)
  • Set Wheel Offset Entrance
  • is the stance or wheel setting is saved even when i restart the server?
	sure knowledge is save to database and hooked up to license plate as a novel identifier
  • when the info is being saved to Database?
If you delete the automobile or retailer in storage

Change Automobile Engine Sound and Sync to all server One Sync/One Sync Infinity (included carsound pack from gta5mods) (all customized sounds could be discovered at gta 5 mods and copyrights belongs to them)

See Extra Customized Engine
  • Engine as gadgets
  • Customized Engine
  • Customized Specs
  • Customized Sounds
  • Native Automobile Spec if Engine is Native automobile
  • Copy Native Automobile sounds
  • Absolutely Server sync utilizing Onesync state luggage
  • Import SQL
  • Restart server twice after operating as soon as to ensure gadgets are registered and usable
  • begin renzu_engine
  • /giveitem muffler_zentorno 1
  • /giveitem muffler_supra2jzgtett 1
  • or
  • /changesound elegy
  • Superior Automobile Nitro System
  • A number of Nitro Kits
  • A number of Nitro Bottle (quantity)
  • Absolutely Sync Particles (optimized)
  • Absolutely Sync Nitro Datas ( State Luggage ) One Sync Solely!
See Extra Renzu Nitro
  • Set up:
  • Drag renzu_nitro to your useful resource folder and begin at server.cfg
  • Import nitro.sql
  • guarantee enginesound
  • Utilization:
  • use merchandise inside automobile
  • /giveitem 1 nitro100shot 1 (100 Pictures) (out there 50,100,200)
  • /giveitem 1 nitro_bottle 1
  • nitro_bottle, nitrobottle2, nitrobottle3
  • nitro100shot, nitro50shot, nitro200shot
Config.refillstation = {
	[1] = {coord = vector3(-216.4362487793,-1324.8597412109,30.606903076172), job = 'all'}, -- if all any gamers can use this refill station
	-- add as many as you need, this is sort of a gasoline station logic
  • use nitro station
  • use nitro_bottle
  • ESX
  • renzu_progressbar

Customized Automobile Turbo system

See Extra Customized Turbo
  • Customized BOV Sounds for every Turbo variants
  • Customized Energy for ea Turbo Variants
  • Energy Multiplication Sync with renzu_nitro
  • Merchandise Supported
  • Job Supported
  • Set up:
  • Drag renzu_turbo to your useful resource folder and begin at server.cfg
  • import sql
  • begin renzu_turbo
  • Utilization:
  • /giveitem turbostreet 1
  • /giveitem turbosports 1
  • /giveitem turboracing 1

will only handled via Github Issues Section
issues reported must prefer to have a repro steps and more information

  • Some Invalid Entity in server (when vehicle locals are activated) this wont break the syncing.
    using EntityCreated and EntityRemoved (One Sync Events)

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